"Bryan is an amazing artist! His work is impressive, and I can't wait to book another session for my next tattoo! Highly recommend you come here for your next ink therapy!"

Ashley O.

"Went here for the first time after seeing the line work on a friend's tattoo. As I was waiting for Kane to get set up, I was able to browse through the book of both artists, Kane Cook and Bryan Merck. Any doubts I had about getting a tattoo from either of these two was quickly washed away. Needless to say, I've been back a couple of times since.

Do yourself a favor and book time today. Thank me later!"


"Very very very satisfied with the end results of my tattoo. My artist Kane Cook took it to the next level and hooked me up with a great peace....."

Julio L.

"Great place with great artists. Highly recommended if you want a superb tattoo!"

Jeff J.

"Bryan is AMAZING. Such a talented badass & made the 10 hour tattoo process fly by!"

Teressa M.

"Bryan is VERY chill and so is his shop. Takes the time the drive thru places don't to talk."

Bryan T.

"These guys are amazing, very professional, great artists and do an excellent job."

Barbara C.

"They do amazing work!!"

Carly M.

"Can't wait to get my tattoo."

Kay J.

"Kane did a portrait of my son and I must say he did a great job!!! Thanks!!!!!!"

Brent F.

"Brian is the man!!"

Justin B.

"What Can I possibly say that would do Bryan's work justice? If you have had the pleasure of being tattooed by Bryan then you already know you have one of the best artists you could possibly want or find...Bryans work is top shelf, he puts everything Into his work and you know you are getting his absolute best every time you sit in that chair.. Perfectionest, professional, family man and just an all around kick ass guy.."

Steve H.

"The only tattoo I have got so far that looks exactly the same healed as it did right after getting the tattoo. Amazing work"

Brian G.

"My friend and I went to Bryan for matching tattoos. For my friend and I, it was a very meaningful event. Bryan went above and beyond and took his time so we could enjoy the moment! This was my friend's first tattoo and Bryan made the whole experience almost painless. I can't thank him enough for the beautiful memories that we will carry with us always. My tattoo is healing beautifully and the lettering is so sharp and straight! Thank you Bryan!"

Kelly M.

"Bryan was absolutely incredible to work with! He made sure I was comfortable and we had a great session! I've waited a long time to find the right artist to do my Jack Sparrow portrait and Bryan was absolutely worth the wait! I cannot recommend him enough!"

Savannah T.

"Bryan Merck has started a piece on my thigh and I am more than happy with it. Bryan and Kane were both very welcoming and fun to hang out with for the day. The shop is very clean and simple, has a nice atmosphere, can not wait to go back and finish my thigh up."

Peter W.

"Bryan's artwork is amazing! I would recommend him to everyone. He takes his time and truly listens to what you want. His tattoos are in a class of their own. Stunning and beautiful."

Kelly D.

"I must say it's been an awesome experience getting tattooed here. Very professional and very clean environment. I would highly recommend this tattoo shop to anyone looking into getting some detailed work! Kane and Brian do amazing work hands down! I will be going back anytime!"

Omar M.

"This is by far the best custom tattoo shop in the midwest. If you are looking for portraits, hands down the best shop. Bryan is an amazing guy and a great tattoo artist."

Justin T.

"Bryan is an amazing and absolute professional is this business! He did my Odin cover-up for me and now working on an amazing memorial piece for my deceased mom. He is the only person I would want to tattoo this meaningful idea I had and after 1 session it is looking beautiful!"

Nate R.

Such a talented group of artist and clean, professional shop. Go check them out! Couldn't be any happier with Bryan's work. Can't wait to work with him again!

Ashley H.

This place and the people who work there is so awesome. Steve does great work. Can't wait to go back

Tanya A.

This is an awesome shop, I got tattooed by Bryan and it's turned out so beautifully so far(second session in a few weeks!!) what I really appreciated is the honesty and transparency he gave me when I pitched my original idea, he had my best interest in mind when he suggested a different design that would be cleaner and less convoluted so it would hold up over time and be readable. The design he gave me was even better than what I imagined, and the colors are so saturated! Kane and Steve do amazing work, I've seen their portfolios and they are both incredible artists. I highly recommend this shop if you like big, colorful and detailed tattoos! It's also very worth mentioning the high standard of cleanliness, thats also a huge gold star for evolution!

McKayla S.